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Fountainhead Proposal for Belfast


Philip Bews Diane Gorvin
Sculpture for public sites


Fountainhead 2009
Proposal for Fountain Street, Belfast

Slide show of the artists' proposal for the Belfast, Fountain Street commission. The form was based on ancient polished stone axes, these were made in vast numbers by Neolithic  farmers. A haul of nineteen exceptionally beautiful axes were found in Malone Road, Belfast fairly near the original site for this commission.  

The Fountain Street designated site was constricted, so the graceful slim form of an axe was appropriate. 

The incorporation of the glass ‘windows’ imparts an architectural character, and the minimalist form of the ‘axe’ implies a robed figure through addition of the head.  This proposal was not selected for Belfast but fortunately was chosen a year later for Ordos.

In china it was modelled in clay and cast into bronze - for the Belfast proposal the concept was to fabricate the body in bronze plate fixed to a stainless steel structure. The head would have been modelled in direct plaster and cast into bronze.

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