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Circadian followed by Sea Dreams on a Moon Tide, China


Philip Bews Diane Gorvin
Sculpture for public sites


Sea Dreams on a Moon Tide

Urban Sculpture Competition/Exhibition/ Symposium in Taizhou, China 2005

We were directly invited to take part in the Competition and Symposium. These two alternating images show our maquette proposals for Taizhou City, China. Circadian (the first vertical image) is shown here at the exhibition, and Sea Dreams on a Moon Tide is shown outdoors, the photo was taken before we went to China.

Both works were designed to be made in a mixture of stainless steel tube and cast bronze, with the addition of cast glass for Sea Dreams on a Moon Tide.

We were awarded a third prize at the Symposium for Sea Dreams on a Moon Tide.

The works remain in the collection of Taizhou City.

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