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Amy Walmsley


Philip Bews Diane Gorvin
Sculpture for public sites


Amy Walmsley

This maquette of Amy Walmsley, suffragist, educator and councillor, was comissioned by the Women of Bedford in order to help raise funds for a large version for the Embankment in Bedford

After three years of voluntary work, aiming to raise enough funds for a sculpture of Amy Walmsley, the Women of Bedford realised that Covid-19 has made it even harder to raise the large amount of money needed for a 7ft high bronze.

So the focus has shifted to having a bronze cast from the maquette to be displayed at The Higgins Bedford, for an exhibition about Amy Walmsley in 2021.

The maquete has been 3D scanned as can been seen in this slide show and the resulting 3D print used for visiting educational projects in schools.

The bronze of the maquette has been completed at Castle Fine Arts Foundry, and will be added to the Higgins Bedford permanent collection.










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