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Philip Bews Diane Gorvin
Sculpture for public sites



January 2022

Work in progress, carving Oak sheep - Settlement Sculptures.








News 2022


























January 2022

Plans for Canada Water approved - a walkway will pass close to Phil's Deal Porters sculpture, giving a closer view of it. Click here to see the designs for the area.

Image Credit - British Land Canada Water Masterplan





















February 2022

Diane tried guilding a small 3D print of Amy with Aluminium Leaf.



January 2022

Horse in Archai Virtualis, Virtual Museum of Conceptual Art. AV had a 30 minute presentation at San Francisco's Fog Fair in January.
















March 2022

In support of Ukraine on our Instagram. The Arrivall photos with Ukranian Flag by Steve Goodchild.


























April 2022

Entered Settlement sculptures for the CODAawards click here.

Photos of the sited sculptures newly available on ART UK click here.


















April 2022

Phil's carving progress on the Sheep's spiral wool pattern - for The Farmer Salmon Arch 2, Settlement Sculptures.
















April 2022

Click here to see Paula Bailey, Arts Officer, Cherwell DC - our Settlement Sculpture commissioners, make her improvised dances round the 1st Settlement Arch and Horse Sculpture - to inspire pupils to find a new way to explore public sculpture. With music by Lola Perrin - 'Unravelling' from her 'Fragile Light' CD. www.lolaperrin.com




© Diane Gorvin and Philip Bews 2022

May 2022

Click here to see Spirit of the Forest in CODAmagazine






































May 2022

First trip back to Bournemouth in over a year. Visited Flaghead Chine to be by the sea and check how the Shell Seats are doing, with Diane's family - parents Tricia and Bert take a look whilst having a break from the walk.