May 2021

Phil cut the Arch 3 timber for Settlement Sculptures and is storing the arch's sides until he has completed Arch 2.

wood-cut-for-rch 3

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Philip Bews Diane Gorvin
Sculpture for public sites



January 2021

Fitting the Farmer Salmon Mask to the the oak finial for Arch 1 - Settlement Sculptures.








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January 2021

The Spirit of the Forest under construction at PJ Engineering












May 2021

Bronze Amy Walmsley maquette is now completed and will go on display at the Higgins Beford at some point this year. Cast by Castle Fine Arts Foundry.

















































































































































































































































































© Diane Gorvin and Philip Bews 2020

May 2021

Spirit of the Forest is published on our profile page on CODAworx. We have entered it for the CODAawards under the Transportion section due to its proximity to the crossroads gateway into Coleford. New projects are featured on the homepage for a short while.



April 2021

Spirit of the Forest sited in Coleford. Commissioned by Coleford Town Council. Fabrication by local firm PJ Engineering. Paul Janes made the complicated pattern from Diane's maquette and Ben Collins fabricated the full scale sculpture. Click here for more information and images. Shown here outside the workshop and on site.