March 2015

Dr Salter's Daydream featured in Codaworx Magazine The Human Form II 2015

October 2015

We start work on making two new crow sculptures for the second stage of the development in Bicester - Bell Crow will be cast in bronze and fixed a stainless steel perch - the bell will have a pattern of feathers on it surface. There used to be a bell foundry in Bicester in the 18th century.

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May 2015

Dr Salter's daydream
The Salter Statues Campaign – which led the efforts to restore the stolen statue of Dr Alfred Salter and commission a new statue of Ada Salter on Bermondsey Wall East – was named ‘organisation of the year’ at the Southwark Civic Awards on Saturday 16th May.


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Philip Bews Diane Gorvin
Sculpture for public sites







News 2015
Echoing Walls was selected for the September Issue of the CODAworx online Magazine - Human Form


June 2015

The Deal Porters were installed in 1990, the first image shows it just after installation, the next two images show the work in 2012 when the vegetation had grown up around it but had been cut back to reveal the sculpture. On this visit, shown in the last photograph, its hard to see the Deal Porters which are in danger of being completely covered in ivy and swamped by bushes and trees.










June 2015

Site visit to Bicester for the Crows of Bicester Phase II - changed the postion for the Crow's Nest to a more central location + a chance to take some more photos of the crow sculptures we sited in May 2013.








June 2015

We visited Southwark to take photographs of our several works there. Diane had been unable to attend the installation and unveiling of Dr Salter's Daydream and this was a chance to see how the public interacted with the sculptures, which can been seen in the slide show below - note that Ada's hand was designed to hold flowers and people frequently give her bouquets. Its unusual to have the opportunity to create several figures and to have such an amazing location in London. Thanks to the campaigners for raising the funds, matched by Southwark Council, to replace the stolen Dr Salter and add Ada Salter to the work. The placing of the figures to tell their story was important to Diane - they are a part of the local community that loved the Salters. The information board provides information about the Salters and we heard lots of people discussing them and their work for the community over the hours we spent there, so we feel the sculptures are doing the job they were desiged to do.




























June 2015

The Procession of Animals sculptures were relocated to Surrey Docks Farm.

We preferred their previous site but recognise this is a safer option.

















April 2014

An exhibition about the commissioning and making of The Arrivall was held at Tewkesbury Museum. Put together by Steve Goodchild - Chairman of the Tewkesbury Battlefield Society. The wooden maquettes were displayed as well as the first concept we had for the site - shown below.

See a slide show of photos of The Arrivall here







Photo credits:
Hannah Wright and Jack Morris Wright for the photo of Hannah's baby in Dr Salter's arms
Maxwell Harrison for two photographs of a large group of people - around Joyce Salter and looking at Dr Salter












The Crow's Nest
The crow and its nest will be made from scrap metal welded and galvanised - the nest will contain three solid blown glass eggs lit by solar lighting at night. The sculpture will be fixed to a gentlly curved oak obelisk with relief carvings of feathers on its surface.






March 2015

Our book A Portfolio of Public Artworks was
published and deposited with the British Library




©Diane Gorvin Philip Bews 2015














March 2015

We gave an slide talk to the Dorset Woodturners Association at their Ladies Night Dinner held at Canford Magna Golf Club.

Diane's father Bert Gorvin is an excellent woodturner and belongs to the association.

We also displayed some maquettes and tools to show the woodturners.

Photo Credit:
Richard Gorvin